Lockjaw Team Update: December

The most rewarding thing about this thriving music scene that we’re a part of is meeting people who share our enthusiasm for all things live and loud. So that you can come and grab us for a chat, we thought we ought to tell you where we are!

We’ll be bringing you a monthly update from the Lockjaw Team with our recommendations, tribulations and gig schedules.

Joelle (Antwerp) 

Wait what? Another month has passed? Jesus. November is a gigantic blur but what I do remember is El Topo Goes Frigo. Which, as with every El Topo gig, is a magical event. This edition featured The Human Project, The Toasters, The JB Conspiracy, Eat Defeat, Drunktank and many more awesome bands.

Just last weekend I got to tick another band off the bucket list: I got to see Rehasher in one of my favourite Belgian venues, Sojo in Leuven.

What will December bring? A UK outing for No Fun At All, Darko, Captain Trips and On A Hiding To Nothing in Portsmouth. A short trip up North to the Netherlands for Friends First Fest where Antillectual will play my favourite album, Testimony, in full. Woop!


Listening to

  • Antillectual – Waste = Food

Cedric (Oostkamp)

At the time of writing, I still have Book Yer Ane Fest to go and I’m super stoked!

I’m catching up with Ewan from BOAK (if you have 58 seconds, check out his band here: https://boak.bandcamp.com/album/movies) on Thursday, reuniting with The Affect Heuristic  lads on Friday. When asked what I could bring them from Belgium: Jupiler and frangipane biscuits.

Also, I’ve been reading a lot of sexist cr@p lately from people I used to respect in a way. Maybe I should stop reading. Or respect better people. Either way, Tom West for president.

Listening to

  • Cole Porter – Giant Steps. Because it’s difficult and I want to kill every last bit of hope that I one day be a decent guitar player.

Rob (Guildford)

I had a great gig last weekend playing at the London Stone in Staines with Revolution Summer and The Resuscitators. Some of you may have been to the Hobgoblin in the past – after a few change of hands it’s back as a live music venue and better than ever, so go and check out some music there if you’re nearby.

Shout out to Mainline 10 who were over last month touring with Captain Trips. I managed to make it down to the Portsmouth show that was bloody great. On the subject south coast punk rock shows, Darko are back in Portsmouth this month supporting No Fun At All at the Edge Of The Wedge on December 16th along with Captain Trips, On A Hiding To Nothing. After that, we’re joining the Swedes again in London at The New Cross Inn on December 19th for the Umlaut Records Christmas Party with Spoilers, The Burnt Tapes & Fastfade.

This weekend I’ll be helping out at the annual Thank Rock It’s Christmas menagerie with the JB Conspiracy, Wild Tales, Midwich Cuckoos and local supergroup, Sleigher.

Listening to

  • Dance Gavin Dance – Care (pop rock banger)

Lesley (London)

Ho, ho, ho, mofo’s! It’s party season and I’m all ready to hang with my nearest and dearest. This week the JB Conspiracy, Wild Tales, the Midwich Turkeys and Sleigher (I know, what a name!), will warm up festivities with the annual ‘Thank Rock It’s Christmas’ covers show in Guildford. And there’s No Fun At All at the New Cross Inn with Darko, Spoilers, The Burnt Tapes & Fastfade.

I’m just winging it this month and let’s see where I end up. I’m always up for surprises.

Listening to

  • Lots of cheese (again)… blame the covers! I won’t ruin the surprise, but here’s some classics to get you in the mood.

  • The new Unearth album and Architects have been pretty good.

Sarah (Manchester)

December’s already off to a roaring start! I trekked up to the wilds of Dundee for Book Yer Ane Fest. Organised by the beloved crew at Make-That-A-Take Records, I was seriously impressed by the quality of both the bands and the banter from all my newly-acquainted Scottish pals. Highlights included:

  • Getting to hang out with loads of the #lockjawcrew with The Affect Heuristic, The Burnt Tapes, Fair Do’s and Fights & Fires all slaying it
  • Having a time watching Goodbye Blue Monday turn out the set of the weekend to a roaring hometown crowd
  • Spending the whole weekend hanging with our extended Danish family Forever Unclean
  • Loving Derrick Johnston’s moving speech about the community in the punk scene before a brilliant Tragical History Tour full band set
  • Having my expectations completely exceeded by some bands I’ve not caught before, particularly Paper Rifles, Dream Nails, AJ Simmonds, The Blood Red Moon and Canadian Rifle

I’m a total grinch, so I’m planning to pretend that Christmas isn’t happening. I’ve got some big gigs though! You can catch me at Revenge of The Psychotronic Man’s final show on December 8th, the Fireball Fuelling The Fire Tour on December 9th, Fair Do’s supporting No Fun At All on December 17th and finally Consumed, The Human Project and Eat Defeat in Leeds on December 21st.

Finally I’ll be closing off the year with some sloppy midnight kisses at Anarchistic Undertones’ New Years Eve ‘Stars In Your Arse’ shindig. It’s going to be a messy medley of one-off tribute acts, including The Lawrence Arms, Minor Threat, Blowasis and Alkaline Trio. Good times.

Listening to

  • Honestly? I’ve had Cardi B on repeat all week. But on a more punk note, Svalbard, who are probably the band I’m most stoked to see at Manchester Punk Festival so far.