Lockjaw Team Update: March

Enjoy the monthly update from the Lockjaw Team with our recommendations, tribulations and gig schedules. Come to these shows and say hi to us!

Lesley (London)

Helllooo March! Spring is starting to spring and I’m happy to thaw out of a slow February. And if you are a green fingered punk, you know that this is a fun time for window sills.

Never Better is an awesome album, and I’m still enjoying listening to it and our other upcoming releases. You guys will just have to wait and find out what they are!

This month, I’ll be checking out Cumbrian stoner metallers, Drudge, at the Big Red. Broken Arrowfest looks top notch, but alas the Midwich Cuckoos will be supporting The Vibrators at the New Cross Inn. I’m also eyeing up other shows with Tempelton Pek and Blind Man Death Stare, so let me know if there’s something that I should be checking out this month!


And yes…. Bring on Manchester Punk Festival!

Listening to

  • Coral Spring’s new album is so tasty!

Joelle (Antwerp) 

Finland was lovely, but it left me with a really bad cold that lasted two weeks. Pekka, of One Hidden Frame, took the time to show us around Helsinki. Beautiful city, but ridiculously expensive!

Catching One Hidden Frame in their homeland was great. They’re sooooo tight live. Oh and Venerea and Satanic Surfers were alright too.

There’s not much gigging going on in March (insert sad face here) but I’m hoping to catch Captain Trips and Coral Springs at the end of the month in the Netherlands.

Listening to

  • Actionmen – Getting excited in preparation for MPF and El Topo Goes Loco

Cedric (Oostkamp)

Saw the excellent Burnt Tapes while they were on tour, in a bizarre venue with even more bizarre crowd, but they smashed it like Thor smashes his hammer.

It’s recording time with The Affect Heuristic: expect something awesome! (As always when Sean’s around, there is a slight chance of nakedness.) Tour is coming up fast now; I can’t wait for 3 weeks around Europe with the guys in Wolfrik. Let’s meet up!

Listening to

The Affect Heuristic mainly – because I need to nail those songs. Wolfrik, because I want to nail those as well. I recently discovered Svalbard – what a sound!

Rob (Guildford)

Had a wonderful week on tour with Burnt Tapes and Tip of OlympVs last month. It was great vibes and top sets from the bands every night, thoroughly lovely.

This month I’ve been to Gloucester and Lincoln with Darko, first Gloucester secret show for us in 6 years! That makes you feel vintage.

We are back in Hastings for Arrowfest with a stacked line up of bands filling the weekend with massive tunes. That’s the 22nd to the 24th March.

Then, the weekend after, we travel to Bristol for Chris Fishlock’s birthday bash Fishstock. Another day filled with awesome music.

Listening to

Never Better the album, can’t get enough of it even more so after seeing the songs live for a week.

Sarah (Manchester)

Although it’s not taking place until April, I’m spending much of March gearing up for Manchester Punk Festival! I’m writing a couple of pieces for the MPF website, doing some interviews for their programme and trying to get my head around how great the line-up is this year. I’m also getting to visit Signature Brew on International Women’s Day to go and help brew the MPF signature beer!

If you’ve not done so already, be sure to grab a ticket. I reckon it’s the best festival in the UK – it’s become a bit of a punk rock mecca, with people travelling over from Brazil, South Africa and Japan. This year there’s plenty of Lockjaw bands on the bill: Wolfrik, Fair Do’s, The Affect Heuristic and a rare appearance from Almeida! Outside of Lockjaw, I’m stoked to catch Svalbard, Not On Tour, Samiam, Snuff, 88 Fingers Louie, Adrenalized and absolutely heaps of others.

Outside of MPF, the big event in my dairy is Arrowfest! Taking place in Hastings on March 22-24th, there’s a mega line-up, including Darko, Fair Do’s, Misgivings, Blind Man Death Stare, Call Me Malcolm and more. Grab ya tickets.

Listening to

  • ASHNIKKO. Been absolutely rising this, she’s the future.