Lockjaw Team Update: May

The most rewarding thing about this thriving music scene that we’re a part of is meeting people who share our enthusiasm for all things live and loud. So that you can come and grab us for a chat, we thought we ought to tell you where we are!

We’ll be bringing you a monthly update from the Lockjaw Team with our recommendations, tribulations and gig schedules.

Gig and festival season is in full swing, giving us a lot to talk about!

Rob (Guildford)

Easter was an absolute top treat, even with zero eggs and chocolates. I had an exhausting but lovely time meeting the Wolfrik lads and escorting them on tour with The Affect Heuristic.

The UK leg included a visit to Portsmouth, where we were joined by one of my favs Captain Trips and local rockers Canavar, a night out in Kingston with Darko and Sore Teeth, then a 5am start for a day out in Manchester for MPF were we had the Lockjaw stall, the Coffee launch and super hangs with some excellent people and of course some great live music.

We continued the tour to Gloucester for an excellent rehearsal room party, nipped into Chatham for a show at Poco Loco and jumped onto the 2am ferry.

Had a great night in Lille with Bare Teeth, Antwerp, party times in Den Haag with Drunktank, then to Groningen, Berlin for a nice catch up with Ronaldo Frey at Franken Bar. Into italy for a Milan show, to a top coastal Livorno venue Surfer Joes and down to Rome with Thousand Oaks at Alvarado Street.

Continuing on with a 12 hour nighttime drive to SBAM Fest for a two day rampage in Wels with Fair Do’s, Rebuke, Edward In Venice and many more. Then zipped up to Nuremberg for KNRD PRE-FEST with The Human Project, A Time To Stand and Dead Neck.

Finally to Darmstadt for a Mansion show. A 4am start, a couple of drop offs and 15 hours later I was back home in Guildford, UK.

After a week recovering I’m ready for Darko fun on Friday at the London Stone with Revolution Summer, The Wonder Beers and new noise makers Aggro.

Listening to

Peter from Rebuke just sent me this monster prog from India that I’m really digging.



Lesley (London)

Holy smokes, we’ve already smashed through some bank holidays and MPF! We’re whizzing through spring and into summer!

As I couldn’t make it to SBAM, so I managed to catch Palm Reader last week, playing with Lay it On The Line, at the Fighting Cocks. What a treat! Then my ear were further destroyed two days later when the Cuckoos played with Lay it On The Line and the Svetlanas.

The Skints are visiting Kingston, and Wild Tales shall also be playing my locale for the Baby Husband release show. Burnt Tapes supported Spanish Love Songs and Goodbye Blue Monday at New Cross Inn last Sunday!

There’s also the triple-tastic event of Darko, Revolution Summer and The Wonder Beers in London Stone in Staines and The Bombpops at the New Cross Inn. But with so many shows, my Birthday and exciting trips in June I may have to have a pokemon approach to this. I’ll see if I can catch them all.

But at the end of the month, you can certainly catch me in Manchester at the Hell Hath No Fury Fest. 2.0 with the Midwich Cuckoos, Drones, War on Women, Petrol Girls and more! Tickets are still available here. And the cuckoos also playing Camden Rocks on Sunday at the Good Mixer. Discounted £30 tickets are available from us here. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS WEEKEND!!

Listening to

Singles off of the upcoming Skint’s album and Frank Carter & The Rattle Snakes… but

It’s all about the Wo-ah-weed!

Joelle (Antwerp) 

The last few weeks have all merged into one big happy blur of punkrock. From the Hangin’ Out reunion gig to Manchester Punk Festival, to Groezrock (BE) to SBAM Fest (AT), a few Wolfrik/The Affect Heuristic gigs and working in between, I’ve been a busy bee while battling the dreaded fest flu for over a week now. Send medicine.

In the meantime I’ve finished my first module of Bad Juju Yoga’s Clear, Connected & Confident yoga course and signed up to finish my teacher training in Greece this summer. Jo of Bad Juju is by far my favourite yoga teacher and the combination of Kundalini and Punk Rock Yoga is my jam. Check out Jo’s online studio!

I caught Muncie Girls/The Get Up Kids in Antwerp, attended the first edition of Antishit Fest in Den Bosch (NL) last weekend, which was set in an awesome skatepark.
Now it’s time for a One Hidden Frame/Coral Springs gig in Den Haag (NL) & the best fest of spring: El Topo Goes Loco in Mol (BE), a two-day madness hosted by some of the best people in the world.

What is this thing you call rest? I need me some.

Listening to

  • Clowns – Prick

I’m slightly obsessed with this album. I’ve seen and listened to Clowns before, but it took this album to make me a proper fan. I dig these tunes and their lyrical content. Angry music is good.

Sarah (Manchester)

I rounded off April with a trip to Groezrock, which was a great chance to relax, catch some great hardcore bands and catch up with some of my Belgian buddies. I’m also now super sleep deprived from two long-ass drives, so I’m starting May by spending some time on the sofa, procrastinating.

This month I’m out on a UK tour with Spanish Love Songs, Pkew Pkew Pkew and Goodbye Blue Monday. The only thing that could make this line-up better would be The Penkse File – this line-up’s a showcase of the future stars or melodic punk rock. Come say hello in Manchester, London, Bristol, Brighton or any of the other dates.

I’m also working on getting the Shout Louder podcast restarted this month, after bit of a break. Keep your eyes peeled for episodes with Burnt Tapes and Triple Sundae, plus a live special about mental health. You can subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud or any podcatcher.

Finally, I’ve been buzzing af because I’ve been drinking too much Lockjaw Coffee. I can’t express how cool I think it is that we now have our own coffee, which comes with a 30-track comp. Get the kettle on!

Listening to

Not a lot this month, actually! I need some new tune – make me some recommendations! I’ve been rinsing Ocean Wisdom in the car and catching up on podcasts. Honestly, though, I’ve still not gotten over how good the Fair Do’s album is, I’m still listening to it most days.

Cedric (Oostkamp)

Somewhere across the Atlantic, Cee is Getting Shit Done, while still recovering from tour with The Affect Heuristic and Wolfrik.