Lockjaw Team Update: November

The most rewarding thing about this thriving music scene that we’re a part of is meeting people who share our enthusiasm for all things live and loud. So that you can come and grab us for a chat, we thought we ought to tell you where we are!

We’ll be bringing you a monthly update from the Lockjaw Team with our recommendations, tribulations and gig schedules.

Sarah (Manchester)

My big news for this month is announcing Shout Louder Fest! I’m calling it a ‘fest’ but, if we’re honest, it should be called ‘Sarah Doesn’t Want To Drink Alone On Her 30th Birthday’.

I’m hosting it at Gullivers in Manchester on February 2nd 2019. It’s meant to be a massive all-dayer with all my favourite bands – from Lockjaw crew we’ve got Fair Do’s, The Burnt Tapes and The Affect Heuristic, plus serious shredders like PMX and The Human Project. There’s heaps more, come party with us! Tickets are only £10 – grab one before they go.

For the rest of November I’m going to be attempting to hibernate (and failing, probably). I’m going out on a mini-tour with Goodbye Blue Monday (which is guaranteed to be #atime), and I’m seriously excited for the Main Line 10 tour – the Manchester gig on Nov 24th has Captain Trips, Laughing In The Face Of and Bloodmines. It will also probably feature me dancing around like an idiot.

Finally, the end of November signals the start of Book Yer Ane Fest in Dundee, featuring a whole raft of awesome Lockjaw bands alongside some exciting acts like Paper Rifles, Kaddish and Lost Avenue. Give me a shout if you’re up there – I’ll need some company for drinking Bucky, smoking excessively and complaining about the weather.

Listening to

Joelle (Antwerp) 

Though October was very work-focused, I did end up doing a load of fun stuff. Like flying to Gothenburg for a Punk Rock Women’s weekend away, catching Frenzal Rhomb in Antwerp, attending Groezrock Indoor in Hasselt and finally heading to Cologne for a punkrock weekend with Satanic Surfers and Propagandhi. I also just finished my first module of an online Kundalini Yoga course. Intense!

In between 50 hour work weeks and flying all over the place, Judy and I recorded four radio shows, of which three are already out. I highly recommend listening to Porco Dio #1. For fans of Italian Skatepunk.


November will be all about work and another Kundalini Yoga course. I’m going into punkrock hibernation for a bit there. But if you’re near Belgium on November 17th: please come to El Topo Goes Frigo. Featuring the likes of The Human Project, Eat Defeat and a whole lot more. Including a bunch of ska. You should come.

Cedric (Oostkamp)

Just got back from an awesome trip to the States. Weather nice, food good, people great. Gave me a lot of time to read up on my favorite thing: music theory and the lessons by Chris Mason – which should be available in book form soon if you ask me. If you’re not enrolled in Chris’ teaching program, do it now. Places are limited.

Attending a gig tonight with Joelle: Tesseract, Plini and Between The Buried And Me. Will be a banger fo sho. The Affect Heuristic is playing Book Yer Ane Fest at the end of the month, will be a banger fo sho as well.  

Listening to

  • As part of “Cee discovers old music like it’s new music”: Louis Prima – I Wanna Be Like You (not the Fall Out Boy cover). A great piece from Jungle Book from 1967.

  • Stumbled on this as well:

    Still not sure what to think of it.

Rob (Guildford)

As I write, I’m fresh from a busy day of teaching guitar and sax as usual, however today I also presented a two hour lecture with Lesley about running an independent label and working in the industry freelance. It was a great experience.

Last weekend I was down in Portsmouth as the lovely team at Charlie’s Big Ray Gun and Portsmouth Punk Promotions hosted Fair Do’s, Eat Dirt, Canavar and The SLM.

Next weekend I have an action packed weekend practicing new material and demoing with the Darko boys, before an exciting week with Propagandhi on Wednesday, As I Watch You From Afar on Thursday night and a Darko show with Scheisse Minnelli in Kiel, Germany.

Listening to

  • Hail The Sun – A Lesson In Lust – From the new album Mental Knife

Lesley (London)

S’up everyone! It’s been an interesting start to the month. I’ve been working on covers for the upcoming ‘Thanks Rock It’s Christmas’ show in Guildford in December as part of the Midwich Turkeys. As you may have read above, Rob and I got invited to Andover College to give a lecture. It was really cool to connect with with young musicians, producers and music business heads.

This month’s gigs are starting off on a slower tempo, but still plenty of riffs. This week I caught Here Lies Man and the very mossy/strange/interesting Snapped Ankles. I’m going to try and catch Yob at the Black Heart in Camden, and get my face melted off with some heavy riffs. We’ve got The Burnt Tapes and Wonder Beers hitting The Fighting Cocks in Kingston, and Main Line 10 are visiting The Bird’s Nest the following week with Captain Trips and Fastfade supporting.

Listening to

  • Way too much Roxette…

  • But really Covet and Sick Of It All have been fun to listen to.