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2019 saw the return of Much the Same with “Everything Is Fine”, 13 years after their sophomore album “Survive”. Today they’re re-releasing their masterpiece “Quitters Never Win” on wax.

Everything is Fine, their latest album released in 2019, consisted of 9 belting new tracks combining more melodic hooks and darker lyric subjects than the band had previously explored. The record was released on vinyl in 6 variations and was met with high praise from old and new fans alike.

Based on the hugely positive reaction to both the new record and the vinyl pressing of Survive, the band felt it was a good time to offer the fans a chance to get hold of their debut album Quitters Never Win, for the first time on vinyl. 

Resonating with the Fans

Quitters Never Win has been regularly spinning on our Disc-mans, mini-disk players and mp3 players for 17 years. Over the years the songs captured the minds and hearts of loyal fans on many levels.

Quitters Never Win

“It’s strange to think that we wrote some of these songs when we were teenagers. I’m still really proud of many of them, especially for how inexperienced we were at the time. There are at least three of them that have come to take on a very new life in adulthood as I have lived and experienced much more. The stories of how the songs have affected people over the years really give them a special place in our hearts.” says Chris ‘Gunner’ McGrath vocalist-guitarist.



What others say

“There are so many good tracks here I really don’t know where to start.”


“’The album sounds poignant, impassioned and frankly, important.”


“A vitality that energizes ears and incites both impassioned singalongs and spirited steering wheel drumming sessions.”

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