Out Now: Much The Same – Quitters Never Win repress

Today, we’re bringing you a remixed and remastered version of the debut album Quitters Never Win by Much The Same. Out on all digital streaming platforms, CD and for the tfirst time ever: on vinyl!

Quitters Never Win has been regularly spinning on our Discmans, mini-disk players and mp3 players for 17 years. Over the years the songs captured the minds and hearts of loyal fans on many levels.

“It’s strange to think that we wrote some of these songs when we were teenagers. I’m still really proud of many of them, especially for how inexperienced we were at the time. There are at least three of them that have come to take on a very new life in adulthood as I have lived and experienced much more. The stories of how the songs have affected people over the years really give them a special place in our hearts.” says Chris ‘Gunner’ McGrath, vocalist-guitarist.

“Songs like ‘Wish’, ‘Liar’, and ‘Quitters Never Win’ were written about the struggles I was having internally, angry about the man I was turning out to be. They all turned into these anthems that I wrote to myself to keep myself motivated to keep growing and trying because it’s always been my natural inclination to give up on things if they don’t come easily. It’s been really valuable to have these words from my younger self still pushing me toward becoming the man I want to be.

I’m also very proud of ‘Father & Son’. It’s one of the first songs I ever wrote, about a father who is doing his best for his kids but missing the fact that what they really need is him. I remember working really hard on those lyrics and I’m still kind of surprised I was able to come up with a song like that just out of high school.”