Lockjaw is an anti-racist, pro-feminist, pro- LGBTQIA+, pro-environment label, and we will aim to do our best to support these communities.

Diversity in the world and the punk & hardcore community is important and we’d like to invite everyone from different backgrounds to be part of the #lockjawcrew.

For some, this may be a new journey so we’ve decided to put together a few links to organisations that we recommend and resources where you can learn more about standing up to racism, sexism, homophobia and more.

Punk has always had strong roots in activism, and we’d like to encourage everyone to get involved, the same way we are.

Be excellent to each other.

This page will be updated regularly. We are continuing to learn what we can do to help make the scene and the world a better place. Please feel free to share your ideas and resources with us as well, we are always looking to better ourselves as people and as a label.