Due for release on May 22nd, 2020

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Celebrating their reinvention, Structure / Average At Best is an invigorating new EP from recently refreshed Leeds melodic punks Sunliner

Before their name change, Sunliner toured the world and released highly acclaimed albums as Jake & The Jellyfish. Growing from folk-punk roots, over time the band’s sound has developed to a more driven, gruff melodic punk. Their relaunch as Sunliner reflects that natural progression of their music.

Structure / Average At Best showcases Sunliner’s singalong punk. Flavoured with both hardcore and folk inspirations, they excel in clever, intimate and relatable lyrics. Each song addresses self-doubt, mental health and the struggle to find a life balance, yet being self-aware and catchy hardcore-leaning, pop, punk rock. 

The EP is due for release on Lockjaw Records (UK/EU) on 22 May 2020. The EP will be available as a picture flexi-disc with a host of fun extras, and exceptional artwork from Eloise McAllister.

As an effort to help in these troubling times, Sunliner will be donating £1 from each sale of the Flexi-disc to Leeds North & West Foodbank.


Vocalist Jake McAllister shouts, “The ground’s moving, and I’m spinning plates,” on Average at Best, evoking the sense of modern overwhelm that we can all relate too. Describing his songwriting, Jake says, “I always try to make lyrics personal and to tell an arc, but I want to the listener to feel like I could be talking about them. We all struggle, and all have our worries and problems. I might not be able to fix them, but hopefully we can make people feel even a little less alone.”

There’s a humour to Sunliner’s new songs too. Structure opens with the line, “They say you’ll never work a day, if you do what you love. Well I love not working, and sleeping enough.” An example of the thread of social commentary that’s run through all of the band’s music, both as Sunliner’s and J&TJ’s; criticising society’s pressures and hypocrisies.

Sunliner’s move away from their early folk-punk roots into heavier Against Me!-esque territory, has allowed the intricacies of their musicianship to shine through. Both new songs are high-energy, top-of-your-lungs punk rock heavy-hitters.

Having toured the world and released highly acclaimed albums. With tours with Red City Radio, shows with Nothington, H2O, Dave Hause, Laura Stevenson, The Skints and slots at FEST (Florida), Punk Rock Holiday, Mighty Sounds, Bearded Theory and Kendal Calling they have really carved their foot-hold in the punk rock scene.

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What everyone’s saying...

“…a blend of Off With Their Heads and Strike Anywhere.” Punktastic

“With a voice powerful enough to cut through the roar of the guitars, and a rhythm section locking down the low end, Jake & The Jellyfish mix the heartfelt sincerity of folk with the intensity of punk passion.” To The Local


“A beautifully crafted record.” Shout Louder

“Inspiring, thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable album.” Colin’s Punk Rock World

“Once again we are assured that Jake & The Jellyfish are master chorus crafters.” The Norwich Radical