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Let’s set off on new adventures.

It’s 2020 and amidst the confusion of Covid-19 we are embarking on a new undertaking to keep spirits high, music flowing and the constant bangover!

After a lot of requests, we’ve decided to get wild and proudly introduce our Lockjaw Crew membership. This super sweet vinyl club offers happy campers the satisfying feeling of knowing they will never miss out on a Lockjaw Records release as well as becoming an even closer part of our ecosystem. 

This membership is more than just physical records, it’s being part of a community that helps us shape the label and the scene. It supports the finer things in life: good music, good company, good vibes and good times.

As this is our first expedition we have a very limited number of spaces available so pack your sack, grab your headphones and away we go!

Let’s head to the freedom of the great musical landscape. 

Join us on our journey to new heights and be by our side whilst we discover the next hidden gems.

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We want to offer all of you legends the opportunity to help us support the underground punk scene.  By becoming a member you will never miss a release and get great punk rock deals throughout the year.

As a valued Lockjaw Crew member you get:

  • A minimum of 8 releases, including:
    • Laughing In The Face Of – ‘Here Lies Ordinary’***
    • Hightime – ‘Thrive’***
    • Sunliner – Special Flexi-disk Pack***
    • The Human Project – ‘Origins’***
    • Much The Same – Quitters Never Win***
    • 2 represses from your Lockjaw (punk rock) faves
    • A variation of punk rock fast and melodic, passionate and aggressive, the Lockjaw sound you love.
  • An exclusive beastly t-shirt designed by Bloodflower Design printed on fairtrade earth positive garments.
  • Want something warmer? Upgrade and add a sweatshirt in with your t-shirt.
  • Early access to digital releases
  • 10% discount across all Lockjaw items in the online store and in person**
  • Club card: To flash for discounts in person**
  • Stickers and other goodies
  • Bonus Classics 
  • Invitation to a members only online space where we will share exclusive content and early ideas. 
  • Zoom interviews with the Lockjaw Bands and Team.

BETA members

And the best part? This is our beta membership which means you will be a founding member!

We’re looking for willing PNKRCKRS who want to keep up to date with their favourite LJR releases without the hassle of remembering to buy. 

Do you know what beta stands for? Better, you’ll be getting it better than anyone else. TRUTH.

So as a founding member, you will also benefit from:

  • The unparalleled feeling of being part of Numero Uno Lockjaw Crew membership.
  • This may be the lowest price you’ll ever see this membership.
  • This is your opportunity to help influence and shape the future of Lockjaw Records. We love getting feedback and you’ll be the first crew that we’ll riff off (pun intended).
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We wanted to offer something special for you. So to compliment a great selection of music, we decided to ask the extremely talented Lucinda from Bloodflower Design and Cultdreams if they would pen a beastly Lockjaw Crew design for us featuring a diverse array of our favourite animals. They got it just right!



*How do I pay for shipping?– Your first ‘Lockjaw Crew’ membership pack will be sent in June, with the initial shipping charge automatically applied upon purchase of the membership. When we’re ready to send out your next record, we’ll email you a payment request for the shipping cost.

Payment requests shall be made via Stripe(Debit/Credit Card) or Paypal.

Can I save on shipping? Sure you can opt to bundle up and wait for multiple products to be ready in order to consolidate your shipping.

**Do I get a discount in person? – Flash your Lockjaw Crew Card for your discount. When we can we’ll be attending festivals such as MPF, Brakrock and other local shows and gigs across Europe and the UK. Keep an EAGLE-eye out on Facebook and Instagram to see where we’ll be.

***What if I’ve already bought these records? No problem we’ll either refund the full record cost, or you can give your record to a friend. Email us and we can arrange this for you. Refund’s shall be processed after the purchase of the Membership.

Can I get CDs instead? –  Not this time, our primary focus is vinyl records this year. But let us know if you’d like to see CDs next year.

How will I get my 10% online discount? – When purchasing the Membership package, you’ll need to set up an account on the Lockjaw Store. After this you’ll automatically see the discounts applied.

How do I get my digital tracks? – We’ll send you Bandcamp download codes before each release, to the email address that you’ve used to sign up to the Lockjaw Store.

Is there a payment plan?Not at this time, but if it’s something that you would be interested in please let us know and we shall look into it for next year.

Have we not covered something? Contact us with your question!