The Lockjaw Records’ Top 10 Records of 2019

2019’s been a year of ups, downs and tail-chasing confusion, both politically and personally! We’ve had the pleasure of releasing records from Much The Same, Burnt Tapes, Wolfrik, Edward In Venice, Fabled Mind, Fights & Fires and For I Am, as well as distributing some great records from Coral Springs, Bandage and Bash Brothers and re-releasing the cracking Vanishing Values from Straightline.  We’ve been on tours, crashed on floors and been to festivals galore and even made our own coffee!

All of the Lockjaw crew have undergone some life changes this year (well, four of us did, Cedric got to go on a super long holiday in the sun) and as usual to power us through the year, we’ve listened to an eclectic mix of records – maybe some you wouldn’t expect.

The musical diversity in our team is part of what keeps us strong. We all love punk rock, but we all have other passions as well. Enjoy each of our Top 10 Records of 2019!

Drum roll please!


  • Burnt Tapes – Never Better (Achieved my top listens on spotify.)
  • Press Club – Wasted Energy
  • First Aid Kit – Strange Beauty
  • Much The Same – Everything Is Fine
  • Haiku-Like Imagination – Eat Lead Mother Buzzer
  • Waterweed – Diffuse
  • Jimmy Eat World – Survive
  • Hobo Johnson – The Fall of Hobo Johnson
  • Coral Springs – Always Lost
  • Fabled Mind – Passenger

Shout out to Ithica for releasing one of the heaviest songs which I discovered near the year end and of course my pals Wolfrik as they were spun a lot this year but technically was released last year so i can’t count it.


  • Tool – Fear Inoculum
  • The Skints – Swimming Lessons
  • Life Of Agony – The Sound Of Scars
  • Burnt Tapes – Never Better
  • Killswitch Engage – Atonement
  • Bandage – Build
  • Edward In Venice – Empathy
  • Alfa Mist – Structuralism
  • Fights and Fires – Kebaptisim
  • Press Club – Wasted Energy


  1. Slowthai – Nothing Great About Britain
  2. Not On Tour – Growing Pains
  3. P Money – Money Over Everyone 3
  4. Press Club – Wasted Energy
  5. Fabled Mind – Passenger
  6. Kevin Abstract – Arizona Baby
  7. Burnt Tapes – Never Better
  8. Much The Same – Everything Is Fine
  9. Lizzo – Cuz I Love You
  10. Loyle Carner – Not Waving, But Drowning



  1. Press Club – Wasted Energy
  2. Burnt Tapes – Never Better
  3. Much The Same – Everything Is Fine
  4. Cultdreams – Things That Hurt
  5. Fabled Mind – Passenger
  6. Shoreline – Eat My Soul
  7. Fresh – Withdraw
  8. Waterweed – Diffuse
  9. Coral Springs – Always Lost, Never Found
  10. Lizzo – Cuz I Love You


  • Mark Letierri – Deep: The Baritone Sessions
  • Dankeschatz – Ein Lamento
  • Not Scientists – Bleed
  • Much The Same – Everything Is Fine
  • Fences – Failure Sculptures
  • Bash Brothers – Downhearted
  • Little Teeth – Redefining Home
  • The Fearless Flyers – The Fearless Flyers II
  • Tiny Moving Parts – Breathe
  • Kokoroko – Kokoroko

Listen to our picks on our Spotify playlist