Trails records get remixed and remastered at Goliath Sound Studios.

Isolation has been somewhat inconvenient in a lot of ways, but on the flip side it has created some time for creativity. Guitarist from Trails (RIP), now producer, Will Duff wanted to get the best out of the last two Trails records that he had previously worked on and has remixed with his new experience.

Today the remixed Crooked Trees along with two unreleased BONUS TRACKS is available on our Bandcamp and all digital platforms for you to enjoy. Next week we will be releasing the previous EP Signs.

Listen on Lockjaw Records Bandcamp

As an extra easter egg Will is offering a download of the Crooked Trees stems for producers to give their own take on the mix. A donation to the Boileroom is greatly appreciated.

Download the Crooked Tree's stems here

I’ve been working on remixing and remastering both of the Trails records, ‘Signs’ and ‘Crooked Trees’ that I originally mixed back in the depths of time. We had planned to release these to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the death of the band. However, with the current situation, we have decided to release them early.

We are offering the 2 remixed and remastered records, in 24bit WAV quality download format, along with the raw, unmixed multi-tracks for the ‘Crooked Trees’ album so that you can have a mess around with the files and come up with your own remixes or alternative versions.

As you may have seen our local music and arts venue ‘The Boileroom’ has had to close it’s doors due to the Covid 19 situation.

The Boileroom have supported the various bands that we have been involved in over the years, and are a massive part of keeping the local scene thriving. We have had so many great gigs there including our charity Christmas shows each year with Lockjaw Records, so we are all about offering our support to them during this difficult time.

So please make a donation to The Boileroom’s survival fund (it can be as little or as much as you like) and enjoy our new remixes and if you wish download the stems have a mix yourself.

Stay Safe

As the band are now defunkt we decided it would be good to donate our profits from Bandcamp sales to help support our local Guildford venue the Boileroom. Donate to the Boileroom here:

The other members of Trails are now riffing over in Wild Tales if you haven’t already check out the new single Out Of My Mind released last week!