Wild Tales bring musical relief with new single ‘Electric Smiles’

Math rockers Wild Tales bring you 4 minutes of respite from the Corona onslaught with their new single and video ‘Electric Smiles’.

‘Electric Smiles’ draws influence from the BSM Records bands we love, with a heavy lean towards Tubelord who have always been a big influence on our writing style. The subject matter recognises and questions our addiction to the use of mobile devices and how this new form of digital socialising is forcing us away from actual physical social activities. You’re probably reading this on your phone, and I’m writing it on mine. Chef Rains says ‘we’re all guilty of it, and it’s easy to foresee a future alike to a Black Mirror episode where our existence is solely on a digital platform, which is a scary thing, so this song ponders that.

Electric Smiles is the second track in a series of six. Each month Wild Tales will release a new song. Last month the first single ‘Summer‘ was released.

The video was filmed by Wild Tales and edited by Sam Hopper.
Audio mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter.

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