Wild Tales Get Stuck In Your Head With Their Latest Track ‘Out Of My Mind’

Out of My Mind’ is a math-pop driven smasher about sleepless nights and tinnitus, something every musician and non-musician alike can relate to.

Singer Adam says ‘Conceptually I wanted the lyrics to come across as a love song, whilst actually being an anti-ballad about tinnitus! I would literally be going out of my mind lying awake at night with ringing in my ears, wanting nothing more than for it to stop! Tying in ‘call’ with ‘ringing’, there’s also a nod to the undeniable pop banger ‘Call Me Maybe’!’

The song comes coupled with a killer video by Benny P Video (Slayer, Prophets of Rage) with the band playing inside singer Adam’s head, and the song being the earworm that Adam can’t get out of his mind!
Audio mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter.

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